Price Schedule


List of Charges for Repair Services

General Remarks about charges for services:

  • no minimum charge
  • no charge for inspecting and assessing an instrument for repair
  • the charge shown for each Level of Service applies only if the work
    described in that section is requested and performed. The customer is
    free to specify that not all of the work be done in which case a lower
    charge will be negotiated and agreed to. Equally, the customer may ask
    for extra work to be done in which case a higher charge will be
    negotiated and agreed to.
  • sometimes defects are encountered which were not apparent when the instrument was
    inspected and which only come to light when it is dismantled. If this
    happens, the customer will be promptly told of the extra work needed
    and the extra charge. The work will not be carried out until the
    customer approves of both the extra work and the extra charge.

All charges:

  • include GST
  • do not include the price of parts used in the course of repairs – an
    estimate of which will be given when the instrument is assessed
    for repair
  • include a 90 day warranty against defective parts or workmanship.

Miscellaneous Brass Instrument Repair Charges

  • Removing frozen tuning slide which requires heat and penetrating oil $25
  • Removing frozen tuning slide which requires unsoldering, cleaning, re-assembling and resoldering $45
  • Lapping piston valve $35
  • Lapping rotary valve $35
  • Replacing brace $25
  • Removing dents in, or rectifying distortion to, valve casing $45
  • Replacing mouthpipe $45
  • Replacing water-key cork $10
  • Replacing water-key spring $10
  • Removing stuck mouthpiece $10
  • Expanding tuning slide tube to ensure air-tight fit $35
  • Soft soldering for each point $20
  • Silver soldering for each point $30